Roll Call Lodge
No.2523 have been Freemasons in Middlesex and Surrey since the 10th July 1894 and in that time we have raised thousands of pounds for children's hospitals, homes for the sick and disabled
and supported many more good causes and charities.

There are over 330,000 Freemasons in England and Wales, and nearly six million Masons worldwide, with nearly 8,000 individual Lodges spread throughout England and Wales.

This year the Worshipful Master will be acting as Steward for The Air Ambulance, Shooting Star Hospice for Children and Help for Heroes so come and join us and help us to help others.

We have 4 Main meetings each year: The second Thursday in February, April, June and November.
November is Installation, that is when we vote for a new chairman or, as we say, Worshipful Master,
who decides which charities we will support in the coming year.

There are three steps to becoming a Mason.
We meet on a Tuesday around 7.30pm for a beer at the bar then in to the lodge for an hour at 8 o'clock to practise for one of the three steps in Masonry then back to the bar or home.

Masonry is not only about raising money. We have weekends away with our Ladies, Golf, Fishing, and
clay pigeon Shooting as well as many other activities.

Becoming a Mason will involve an annual registration fee as well as an annual subscription to the Lodge, but in return you will get a great deal of personal satisfaction knowing that you are helping to help others.

Would you Like to be a Mason?
Then join us at Roll Call Lodge No.2523. We meet at Cole Court 150 London Road Twickenham TW1 1HD
(Just round the corner from Twickenham station)

For further information please contact us by e-mail:

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